Operations Scheduling - 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.

We seek an Operations Scheduler to work our 11:00 a.m. - 7:30 p.m. shift
Responsible for maintaining all records relative to finished stock movement, finished parts receipts from machine shop and outside vendors, inventory records when parts are moved out. Responsible for distribution of Pumps, repairs, shipping orders and Air Freight. Also responsible for processing invoices through ship confirmation and invoice release functions of the business system.
RECEIVE ALL ORDERS: Pumps and repairs €“ collate necessary paperwork from package areas: Skid line-repair line-ups line, CDC area. Prepare packing list that reflect what is properly shipping, making partial or complete orders as needed.
READING AND ACCESSING: If there are any exceptions to be met, proper customer service reps to be contacted.
CREATE BILL OF LADING: Using Kewill shipping system.
COLLATE ORDERS FOR COMBINED SHIPMENTS. Combine all WTS with shipping floors: Combine weights and PCS and type master and portion bills of lading.
PROVIDE EXPORT DEPT WITH A PACKING LIST AND A PICK SLIP WITH ALL REQUIRED DATA FILLED OUT: Scan into G drive and e-mail to Export. Change location to Export in AS400.
MANIFEST REQUEST: Generate all Canadian manifests.
KEEP ACCURATE DAILY-WEEKLY-MONTHLY REPORTS: A.) Daily records of pumps, repairs branch, exports total weights. B.) Daily units, daily repair count. Daily Audits
PROOF READ ALL BILLS OF LADING: Make corrections, A.) Attach carriers PRO numbers, B.)Distribute all bills of lading copies.
COLLATE AND AUDIT REPAIRS SHIPPING UPS OR RPS: A.) Making sure all charges have been applied. B.) Code shipped transmissions.
Work with Customer Service Reps to generate special customer requests, credit releases, ship to addresses.
Keep abreast of dispatch report for shipments to improve OTP.
Using AS400, receive "ship direct product" into warehouse 97. Allocate, release print and invoice product.
Provide written documentation and verbal and written communication for each shift and supervisor awareness of office functions and department activities daily. Assign and log work out to union employees.
Responsible for providing backup for Inventory Coordinator, Inventory/Shipping Coordinator, and other Shipping Coordinators as needed for vacations, training, sick days, etc.
Create and maintain spreadsheets of projects, updating traffic with weights and dimensions to facilitate truckload and special truck shipments.
Misdirected or incorrectly shipped freight €“ Checking the floor to determine what product actually shipped, working with customer service and traffic to have freight returned and correct product shipped.
Reconcile CDC issues, wrong qty shipped, invoicing errors, invoicing not done etc.
Verify quantities and receive in non productive inventory used by shipping from PO's (lumber, cartons, flange covers, etc.).
Type all memos and letters, create spread sheets, download pictures and attach to e-mails as requested.
Interact with trucking company drivers, sales representatives, and dispatchers. Answer questions on shipments, request shipping materials (pro stickers etc.) answer questions about shipping hours and directions.
Proofread all pick slips before billing shipment. Read all orders to make sure customer service and the order editor have given a valid address, and all marks agree with freight terms and ship via. Change and update this information as required.
On Prepaid orders, use route management tool to assign the most economical and expeditious freight carrier.
Scheduling trucks using phone, e-mail or the internet to contact customer, logistic companies or freight carriers to arrange puck up of product.
Responsible for processing all pump, kits, stockdraws, and repair orders keeping an accurate account of the flow through the stockroom and publishing daily.
Investigate order shortages, make basic adjustments and report to PC and/or the Supervisor of the Stockroom.
Responsible for receiving purchase orders put into stock in the stockroom. Responsible for charging out pumps, liquid ends, spares & kits picked up in the stockroom. Responsible for receiving PO's and printing the associated work orders to the stockroom.
Setting up air freight emergency shipments as needed
Using the internet and carrier web sites, track FOB: destination shipments, updating lists for production meeting, invoicing when delivered to maintain OTP.
Check hotlists and held ups for potential last minute shipping problems or issues, ex. Credit holds, no partials with different dates, no ship to, special shipping arrangements.
Screen prints €“ print work order screen of all hot jobs, adding routing, PRMS and other notes for ease in tracking and following hot jobs in the shop during the shift and for pass down to second shift.
Expediting with various departments, carriers, and customers using the phone, e-mail and internet
Using the internet order supplies for the copier in the office, speak with representative about the copy usage on a monthly basis.
Order supplies €“for the office and the floor (Stamp pads for stamping lumber, office supplies etc). As equipment changes occur, call Xpedex to order correct ribbons and toner cartridges for printers in the shipping office, shipping floor and the CDC packaging area.
Order all instruction manuals. Calling Via-tech to request special shipping or check on the status of manuals ordered.
Maintain inventories on all items in Shipping IE: Cartons, lumber, etc.
Lumber inventories - meet with the outside inspector, in Supervisor's absence, to assure proper lumber stamping procedures are followed on the shipping floor.
Fill in as supervisor when required, assigning work, attending to hot jobs, prioritizing work on the floor, fielding questions.
Invoice cancellation charges, billing only, and freight pick slips as they print.
Release all repair orders with tags & labels. Sort and log. After picked, perform charge out transactions.
Perform daily audits of pumps, kits, and MSO to ensure all material is issued.
Process scrap/salvage tickets. Identify problems and correct.
Contact off site warehouses to call parts back for live requirements. Marry parts once received to the proper order and assign for pick.
This position requires visibility to controlled documents.

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